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Merseyside Investigations – The Liverpool Detective Agency - are leaders in the field of tracing debtors and persons, who are either in breach of contracts, whether they be in respect of loans with finance houses or tenancy agreements or those who are defendants in Court actions. It is a basic principal and it would be less than prudent to commence proceedings without first locating the individual against whom it is desired to commence an action.

Tracing assisted by Databases

Initially the practise of Merseyside Investigations – The Liverpool Detective Agency – when carrying out tracing searches is to perform multi-screen database searches, comparing a series of different indices, in order to arrive at an eventual solution as to the current whereabouts of an individual. It would not be prudent to reveal the extent or sources of our information, other than to say that we consult multi-database facilities, in order that we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to locate an individual.

Tracing assisted by multiple public records

As well as tracing individuals concerning financial matters, we also locate individuals who are beneficiaries of deceased person's estates, and lost relatives and friends. It is the policy of Merseyside Investigations – The Liverpool Detective Agency, to carry out all such tracing assignments on a 'no trace – no fee' basis. We adopt this strategy as we are confident that we will trace a high percentage of persons sought. We would not wish a client to feel that they had paid for a negative result as it is difficult to convince individuals of the amount of time expended when carrying out negative searches.

On a positive note - Merseyside Investigations – The Liverpool Detective Agency – when we are relatively sure that we have located an individual, would advise that we make physical enquiries at the individual's current location in order to confirm their present place of residence or in some instances where their business has been re-located, in relation to trade debtors.

Company Director determination and tracing

As well as conducting corporate investigations into a variety of company matters we also carry out detailed enquiries relating to the past history of directors, particularly those who operate insolvent companies. Frequently such directors will be responsible for the operation of a succession of companies, which having incurred sizeable liabilities will either cease to trade or be wound up, without settling their liabilities.

Merseyside Investigations – The Liverpool Private Detective Agency – will conduct investigations into these directors and will provide details of their company operations and the whereabouts of both their current business and residential properties. Indeed we can provide a complete antecedent history of a directors business activities and succession of properties.

Director information can be of particular significance, when an individual or company is deciding if they should advance credit to a business customer. Our searches provide a credit rating in such circumstances.

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